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Do Skin Brighteners Work?
Skin Brighteners cream have been on the market for many years. Over the years many changes have occurred within the marketplace including a decreased reliance on products containing hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been linked to some diseases such as leukemia, liver damage and thyroid issues. 

We strongly advise against the use of hydroquinone unless used in very small amounts and NEVER used when pregnant or nursing as it has also been linked to birth defects.

Thankfully most skin brighteners cream DO NOT use hydroquinone any longer. Most utilize their own proprietary blend of Arbutin and other natural ingredients. While these ingredients may take longer to show results than hydroquinone they are much safer to use.
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Skin brighteners cream are designed to prevent pigmentation as well as protect the skin against free radical damage. Skin brighteners with retinol can be used to: potentially prevent and/or correct liver spots and freckles, lighten skin, treat sunburn marks, regulate melanogenisis, promote anti-aging.

Skin Brighteners are effective for everything from uneven skin tones and freckles to hyperpigmentation and age spotting. Old scarring, acne, and birth marks have also been responsive to skin brightening creams. Whether they are powerful skin whitener or gentle skin brightener we have listed the best available on our skin brightener review page. 

Some users may feel a slight tingling or slight burning sensation after applying the skin brightener cream. Some skin brighteners products contains alpha hydroxy acids, and these can occasionally cause irritation of the skin. If excessive irritation occurs, then the use of the skin brightener cream should be reduced, or stopped completely.

Most of the formulas are all natural and can be used on any part of the body. Please follow instructions on all products when using and make sure you give the skin brightener time to work properly. No skin brightening solution is going to bring you instant results regardless of the manufacturer's claims. We normally allow 4- 6 months of testing when evaluating a product. We suggest you do similarly.
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Skinbright Skin Lightener Complex took 


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